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PM Believer: Checking In

Have you built your team of experts to provide you with the critical input needed to get your project started? Did you talk to them at the outset and then forget about them only to go it alone in your journey? There is another step to consider if you want to get the most out of your team of experts. This additional step could mean the difference between success and failure. Did you have your check-in meeting this week?

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Two Types of People

We are all working on expanding our knowledge of who we are and what makes us tick. Personality assessments can be a tremendously valuable tool for this quest. But, these assessments have their limitations, and we are all freaks. So let’s let our freak flags fly!

Read my strategies for how to leverage your personality assessment results in Two Type of People, this week’s Goal Success by Choice.

A Moment of Silence

There I was, trying to focus on my work to hit a deadline. But, I couldn’t focus. I felt like I was in a busy restaurant surrounded by so many voices that I couldn’t focus on my own conversation…. And all of the voices were mine. My brain was so scattered at that moment that I couldn’t focus on anything. I needed a moment of silence.

Read my strategies for finding your own Moment of Silence in this week’s Goal Success by Choice.

PM Believer: No Hidden Agendas

Despite their overwhelmingly negative reputation, meetings are a critical tool for getting projects to the finish line. But, meetings have to be planned and executed correctly, lest they become wastes of time. This applies to the meetings you have outside the office too. Do you have a hidden agenda? Let’s get it into the open!

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