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The Pitfall Of Getting Better Might Be Losing The Fun

Do you have a hobby, passion or interest that you are getting better at and taking more seriously? As you have started taking it more seriously, is it starting to feel more like work? That might be a sign of danger, and some quick action may be needed to avoid burnout. What can you do today to inject a little fun back into your journey?

Learn more in this week’s Goal Success by Choice.

Stories Are Powerful, What Happens When Don’t Love Yours?

Once upon a time, there was a frickin’ rockstar who kept telling themselves a life story that wasn’t working for them. One day, our hero decided to make a change and has never been happier.

We each have a story that we tell ourselves about the events of our life. It is up to you to make sure this story is helping, not harming your happiness. You are the writer, director and lead character, so you are in charge… it’s time to own your story!

Learn how in this week’s Goal Success by Choice.

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