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Naked Truth: Simple Path To More Happiness… Less Clothes

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Naked Truth: Simple Path To More Happiness… Less Clothes

When was the last time you spent any significant amount of time naked? I’m not talking about the time you spend changing clothes and showering; I am talking about quality time in the buff.

If you’re like most people, you probably try to minimize non-essential nudity in your life.

You might be surprised to learn that spending more time au natural can boost your happiness.

In today’s Ask Coach Tony, I will share some benefits of increasing your hours without clothes and provide a three-step strategy you can use to dip your toe into nudity lake. You can think of it as a crawl-walk-run approach, but I would discourage running without clothes; that sounds painful.

Umm… Why Are We Talking About This?

In full transparency, this is a topic I never expected to be writing about or discussing so publicly. Like most people, I used to work hard to minimize naked time – it was reserved for essential activities only. Over time, this opinion has changed, and I decided to write about this topic for three reasons.

  1. Real Talk. Since the beginning of Operation Melt, I have tried to be real with my readers and share what’s on my mind. This has been on my mind over the past few months, so it is time to share.
  2. Whispers, Screams and Bricks. As I have previously written (see Whispers, Voices, Screams, Bricks), I have learned that I need to listen when the universe starts sending me messages. Ignoring the universe’s whispers can result in a universal brick to the head. I have received many whispers from the universe that I need to share this topic, so I am listening.
  3. Naked Truth. Over the past year, I have become more passionate about this topic through my own experimentation. It really works!

With all that said, there are some things you won’t see in today’s blog:

  • I will not be sharing selfies/pictures of my “experimentation”… you’re welcome.
  • I won’t be discussing the intimate or relationship benefits of naked time … use your imagination.
  • I won’t be diving deep into all the benefits of naked time … I still want this post to be a quick read.

Ok, here goes… let’s talk about the three biggest (research-backed) benefits of increased naked time.

Benefit #1: Nudity Helps You Sleep Better

Americans are getting crappy sleep! The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has determined that more than fifty million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Further, one-third of adults do not regularly get the adequate uninterrupted sleep needed to protect their health.

Poor sleep is hazardous to your health. Lack of sleep decreases your alertness, causes relationship issues and increases your risk of car accidents. Prolonged sleep deprivation is associated with many severe health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, obesity, depression, a lower sex drive and more. You need good sleep to function properly.

Naked sleep is better sleep. Shedding your clothes when you sleep reduces your skin temperature, improving your quality of sleep and leaving you feeling less tired. Moreover, naked sleep is linked to the production of more “brown fat,” which boosts your metabolism and combats obesity and diabetes. Scientists have even observed a link between naked sleep and reduced long-term weight gain.

Lose those PJs, and you’ll sleep better, which will help you live happier.

Benefit #2: Nudity Makes You Healthier

It’s not just about sleep; many other health benefits are linked to nudity.

Better skin and blood. Unobstructed by clothing, your skin can breathe more easily, resulting in better skin moisture and overall appearance. Air circulation can help eliminate harmful sweat toxins, reducing itchiness and general discomfort. You will also likely experience improved overall blood circulation.

Your immune system improves. Unobstructed by clothing, your body absorbs more vitamin D from sunlight, especially when naked outdoors. This boost in vitamin D results in stronger bones and an improved immune system.

Better fertility. Without going into too much detail, lack of clothing results in less constriction and better fertility, particularly for men.

Wait… weight? Increased naked time has also been loosely linked to reductions in body weight and obesity – due to improved sleep and other physical health benefits. While you probably will not lose weight just by shedding your clothes (well… other than the weight of those clothes), there is some connection.

Being naked is healthy and may help you become healthier.

Benefit #3: Nudity Boosts Your Confidence

I have mentioned the connection between nudity and weight loss a few times now. To clarify, you probably will not lose weight just by boosting the amount of time you spend au natural. However, you can achieve some of your intended weight-loss benefits in a different way. I will let Teresa Miller, my friend, personal trainer and professional fitness coach explain (learn more about Teresa in my interview with her, Achieving Big Gains in Bodybuilding and Life – Secrets Exposed).

After working in the fitness industry for close to 7 years, I’d say one of the top reasons folks seek out personal training is to ‘look better naked.’ While changing your body composition (or weight) can definitely lead to that confidence, I think the real shift has to happen mentally.

I would challenge anyone with this mindset to shift how you view yourself (naked) before your weight loss journey begins. Recognize all of the things your body does for you! It’s important to remember that your body image WILL vary day-to-day – and that’s okay!

The mental shift happens when you truly accept, even on the days you don’t want to.

One of the most frequently identified benefits of spending more time naked is improvements in feelings of positivity and confidence in your body. Choosing to spend more time naked and to see your body more often becomes an exposure therapy of sorts. Here’s how it works:

  • Forcing yourself to spend more time naked means you will obviously see your naked body more.
  • More exposure to your own body causes you to normalize it and accept that it is your body.
  • Self-acceptance reduces the shame you have learned over the years.
  • Loss of shame about your body and increased acceptance lead to improved confidence.

More than improved confidence, increasing your solo nude time may lead to building more of an appreciation for your body. Your body is amazing. Look how much it does for you throughout your life and the stress it helps you bear. Your body deserves to be loved and respected, not hidden.

Spending more time with your own naked body will help you accept, respect and love it, and yourself, a little more.

Your Naked Journey

Have I sold you on the benefits of naked time?

Can you believe you’ve been missing out on this naked power?

Are you thinking, “Yeah, I’m sold, but it feels super uncomfortable… I’m not sure I can do it”?

I have fantastic news for you… you don’t have to jump head-first into “naked lake.” You can dip your toe and wade in slowly. As I explained in Success Secrets: How To Get The Right Permission, there are no rules here.

Step 1: Start Small

When you try anything new, the trick is to start small and build from there. This is an essential strategy for starting your naked journey. Going too far or moving too fast will limit the benefits and make it less likely that you’ll continue.

Starting small with your naked journey means adding a little more nudity as you complete your everyday activities. It doesn’t have to be “massive action,” just try a little bit at a time. Here are some examples of daily activities that you could easily complete without clothes:

  • Start your day: complete your morning routine, coffee, breakfast, journaling, etc., without clothes.
  • Work it… out: Do you do yoga, meditation, stretching, weight training or other workouts at home? Why not shed your workout clothes and go bare?
  • Sleep well: I already discussed the benefits of sleeping naked; this is an excellent first step in your journey.
  • Business (super) casual: do you work from home? There are no rules that say you have to wear clothes while doing so. I would recommend putting on clothes for meetings where your camera is on.

If you sleep naked and stay that way through your morning routine and the first half of your work day, you can easily spend half your day without clothes. Imagine how quickly the benefits will start rolling in!

Step 2: Work With a Pro

Ok, saying you should use a “pro” for naked time might give you the wrong impression… I’m not saying that kind of pro. But, like any other way you try to project manage your life, you don’t have to go it alone with your naked journey.

In last week’s Interview with a Goal-Crusher (see Putting It All Out There: Whitney’s Unique Mission-Driven Life), I introduced Whitney, a body positive photographer. Doing a photo shoot with Whitney can help you see your naked self as the beautiful person you are. You never have to show the pictures to anyone, but the exercise can be transformational.  You don’t have to take my word for it; here’s how Whitney explains it.

As a body positive photographer, I have witnessed how this magical, empowering & safe experience over and over again leaves clients feeling liberated, confident, sexy, free, lighter and genuinely happier. Through the lens, I capture the essence of my clients and celebrate their unique beauty, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and embracing who they really are.

If there’s one thing I know for sure – trust in the expertise & experience of a professional to support and uplift you on this transformative path. Yes, it may be scary, AND we can’t grow in comfort zones. Do it anyway! 

This is where professional support meets radical self-acceptance and self-love. It’s the best gift you can give yourself because when you love you, you teach others how to do the same. It’s a win/win for the world. And you!

Want to learn more about this experience? Reach out to Whitney for a chat at … make sure to tell her Tony sent you!

Step 3: Together In The Altogether

Ok, here we go… this is the biggie.

We all have a body… every body is different… once the weirdness of being nude around others wears off, you learn to appreciate your own body more. Plus, it’s a little easier not having to worry about your fashion choices and dressing to impress. You are undressing to accept!

I am not suggesting you show up to your next family holiday dinner without clothes … though it may be fun to imagine the looks on their faces, right? I am also not recommending stripping off your clothes in unsafe and unsanctioned locations; that’s a recipe for disaster. If you want to experiment with communal nudity, it needs to be in a safe, accepting environment.

You may not be aware that there are many venues around you that accept communal nudity, nudism and naturism. Some examples of places where communal nudity is the norm include naked yoga practice and clothing-optional beaches and resorts. And, don’t forget about naked bike rides and runs! Head to Google, I bet you’ll find some of each nearby!

Moreover, you are likely surrounded by a community of like-minded, nudity-accepting individuals – they often refer to themselves as naturists. Take a quick look online; you can connect with these communities for naked cocktail parties, dinners, game nights, and more.

No matter which option interests you most, do your research first. You want to be sure that you know what you’re getting into and that you are choosing a safe venue. Always follow the rules and boundaries of any venue you choose to visit. Refer to the American Association for Nude Recreation or The Naturist Society Foundation for more resources.

The safest way to get started is to host your friends for a nude party… do it!

Nudity is one effective tool to boost your happiness and self-confidence. If you’re not quite ready to take it all off, there are other tools you can use as a stepping stone. If you want to boost your body image, happiness and satisfaction with your life, I recommend working with a coach. As a Master Life Coach, I will work with you to assess your satisfaction with multiple areas of your life and then create a plan to help you get to where you want to be. I would be honored to be your partner.

I believe in you; let me help YOU believe in you!

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