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Seasons of Transformation – Now Available


Local author releases novel intended to help people navigate midlife changes

Life coach, project manager, technology consultant and multi-published nonfiction author Tony Weaver is launching his debut fiction novel.

One thing we can always count on in life is the changing seasons. While they sometimes seem shorter or longer, milder or harsher, there will always be four seasons. Our lives follow similar changing seasons. Nowhere are these seasons more pronounced than when we experience personal transformation.

Following his previous book about using project management to conquer obesity and lose over one hundred pounds in under a year, Weaver wrote his debut novel to share the physical and emotional struggles associated with pursuing major life changes, especially in midlife.

Seasons of Transformation tells the story of a high achiever, Kate, who is climbing the corporate ladder when she unexpectedly faces a harsh personal winter.  The reader will join Kate on her journey as she learns about goals, life coaching, perseverance and unexpected mid-life changes. With a little help, Kate will:

  • Pick herself up, set new goals and choose a different path
  • Break free from workaholism and corporate ladder-climbing
  • Improve her confidence in herself and her body
  • Build meaningful friendships and strengthen her marriage
  • Learn to trust a team of experts, including her doctor, colleagues, friends and a life coach, and stop facing her struggles alone

Tony Weaver helps people bring their goals to life. In addition to being a technologist and consultant, Tony is a master life coach and an author specializing in goals and personal and leadership development. Drawing on his inspirational story of personal transformation, combined with his experience as a leader, project manager, mentor and coach, he has helped hundreds of people achieve their personal and career goals.

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