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Month: October 2022

Happy New Year!!! How Are My Goals Looking?

Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s week, and it is time to check on my “resolutions” from the past year. Yes, I understand it is still October. I am talking about my upgraded strategy to break free from resolution failure.

In this week’s Goal Success By Choice, I review the choice you can make that will help you stop resolving to fail. Plus, I am sharing a real-talk recap of how I did with my goals for the past year.

Wanna Feel Better? Take a Minute to Celebrate Success!

We all face those occasional crappy days when it feels like nothing is going right, and we can’t even buy a win. Being prepared for these days can make all of the difference. One strategy that can help you overcome the funk of these bad days is celebrating past wins, which doesn’t just mean you own!

Learn more about the power of celebrating wins in week’s Goal Success by Choice.

Your Words Matter, Especially When Talking To Yourself

Your brain is a powerful tool. But be warned, your brain is always listening to what you are saying about yourself. And your brain believes you! One wrong move and you risk turning this powerful tool against you and undermining your happiness.

Learn how to harness the power of your brain and silence your self-defeating lies in this week’s Goal Success by Choice.