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Month: May 2022

Don’t Panic Over Disappointments… See Their Hidden Opportunities Instead

I had a major disappointment this week when a health procedure didn’t go as expected. But, I responded strategically and discovered that this disappointment was actually a series of hidden opportunities. You can borrow this strategy the next time you are disappointed; you just have to start by saying DAMN!

Learn more in this week’s Goal Success by Choice.

The Pitfall Of Getting Better Might Be Losing The Fun

Do you have a hobby, passion or interest that you are getting better at and taking more seriously? As you have started taking it more seriously, is it starting to feel more like work? That might be a sign of danger, and some quick action may be needed to avoid burnout. What can you do today to inject a little fun back into your journey?

Learn more in this week’s Goal Success by Choice.

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