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Coaching Mini Session

CREATE a new path forward for just $79

Here’s how a coaching mini session works…

1. Tell me you are interested: it all starts with letting me know you are interested in a mini session. Use the form below to do that.

2. Do the prep work: I will email you to confirm our next steps and share a link for you to pay. I will also ask you to complete a brief form to help me get to know you and your situation. Then we will schedule our session at a convenient time.

3. Session Time! We will meet via video conference for a 30-minute session. During this session, we will focus on how to CREATE your new path.

Mini Session overview: 30 minutes to CREATE a New Path Forward
Mini Session: 30 mins to CREATE a New Path Forward

As shown above, here are the steps to CREATE your new path forward:

  • CR – Current Reality: we will discuss where you are today, what you are trying to accomplish/overcome and any limitations you are facing.
  • EA – Explore Alternatives: I will help you brainstorm and evaluate potential paths forward or solutions to your issue.
  • TE – Tap Energy: I will help you choose which alternatives you will commit to investing energy into making successful.

4. Recap: I will follow up with a recap email.

In just 30 minutes, you will walk away with a new path forward to help you begin building the life of your dreams!

* $79 mini sessions represent standard coaching rates as of 2/1/2023 and are available for a limited time only, limited to one per customer, offered while space remains and at the discretion of Operation Melt. If I am not 100% confident I can help you, I won't waste your time or money. 

If you are redeeming a free or discounted coaching mini session offer, the updated fee will be applied when you receive your invoice before our session.

Phew... happy the fine print is done.

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