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Reflections on Leadership

For thirty years, I have been a student, observer and practitioner of the art of leadership. I have seen great leaders, experienced poor leaders, and my own leadership has been somewhere in between. But, until recently, I never paused to reflect on the practices that made the best leaders so successful.

Reflections on Leadership provides a glimpse into the best and worst practices gleaned from reflecting on these thirty years of leadership. Each of these lessons is presented in a bite-sized summary that might just help you become one of those great leaders.

Here are just a few of the ah-ha moments that I share in this book:

  • What can ducks teach us about good leadership?
  • Why does a good leader know how to build a fire?
  • How do the physics of airplanes apply to leadership?
  • Why do leaders judge appearances? 
  • Why are some leaders saying, “shut up and leave me alone”?
  • What can you do to avoid being a jerk?

Those and many other lessons are presented for you inside Reflections on Leadership.

Here’s to hoping that this book inspires you to reflect on your own leadership and helps you achieve your goal of being a great leader!

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