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The Valuable Life Lesson Hidden Inside An Over-played Song

Are you choosing to live a happy, fulfilled life?

That’s right, studies have proven that ninety percent of the factors that make the difference between a happy life and an unhappy life are factors within your control. One life hack proven to help unlock your best life is setting, pursuing, and achieving goals.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; many other people are proving this point every single day. They are setting goals, doing the work and building the life of their dreams.

Don’t Take My Word For It, a new Operation Melt blog series, shares how other people – people just like you – are choosing to achieve happiness through their goals.

Yes, you can choose a happy life, but don’t take my word for it!


Before we jump into today's post, I offer you this "dad joke" as a light "amuse-bouche" to entertain your mind before we get serious. Like any other amuse-bouche, you may hate it, but it is worth every penny you paid for it, right?

Little known fact: before the crowbar was invented, crows could only drink alcohol at home.

The Valuable Life Lesson Hidden Inside An Over-played Song

Surprise Life Coach explores the goal success strategies, tips and mindsets found in the most unlikely places. From television shows to movies to music to books and more, life coaches are all around us, hidden in the most unexpected places. We simply need to pay attention, and we can reap the rewards from this free coaching.

In this week’s edition of Surprise Life Coach, I will share an important life lesson hidden inside one of the most over-played songs from the 90s.

Ace of Base
The Sign

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the release of The Sign, an album from the Swedish pop group Ace of Base. In the thirty years that followed, one song from this album has been and continues to be overplayed. That song: The Sign. If you don’t remember this song (congratulations!), here are the lyrics for the chorus:

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
Life is demanding without understanding
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one’s gonna drag you up
To get into the light where you belong
But where do you belong?

The next time you hear this song, which could be within the hour, depending on where you consume your music, pay close attention to the last three lines of that chorus. There are actually two life lessons embedded in them.

The first lesson in this song is this: 

No one’s gonna drag you up
To get into the light where you belong

The responsibility for living the life of your dreams and achieving your goals belongs to just one person: you. Partners, advocates, bosses, coaches and mentors are all important, but they are just resources to help you. It isn’t their job, nor should you depend on them to get you to the finish line. When you take responsibility for every aspect of your life and goals, you are well on your way to success.

Note: this is also one of the biggest mistakes we make in our careers. We want to advance but depend on our boss and HR to make it happen. Thinking, “I’ll just keep my head down and do good work, and I’ll get promoted,” misses a big step in the process. To advance in your career, you must own your development and advocate for yourself. Your boss isn’t going to drag you up to that next step.

The second related lesson is a bit more subtle:

But where do you belong?

You cannot build the life of your dreams if you don’t know what your dreams are. Worse, if you hold yourself back and don’t dream big, you may never achieve complete happiness and fulfillment. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish, you just have to dream it, and you can be it.

In other words, it all starts with SMART goals!

Do you have the big goals that will get you to where you belong? If not, maybe grab a copy of my Goal Success Quick Start Guide and use my ABCD process to help get you there.

Need a little help figuring out where you belong and dragging yourself there? That’s where I can help as your coach!

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Meet Coach Tony

My name is Coach Tony, and I am a coach, author and project manager on a mission. I am working to build a world where no goal ever dies of loneliness.

I almost allowed one of my biggest life goals to die without ever being attempted for forty years. My goal almost died, not of failure but of loneliness. But, I took a risk and leveraged a simple, logical process that helped me wildly exceed my goal. 

I transformed my life, and you can do the same with the help of Operation Melt. 

Operation Melt provides engaging, practical content and hands-on coaching to inspire, motivate and equip project managers and other left-brained high-achievers to pursue and accomplish their biggest goals. 

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