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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Welcome to my weekly Operation Melt update where I share the ups, downs and lessons learned from living a post weight loss fit life.

Throughout my journey I have learned that living a life of fitness is full of metaphors for other areas of life. That’s what this week’s post is about.

Weight increase, but why…

Over the past couple of month my weight has increased a bit. On average I am about two or three pounds above my pre-quarantine average weight. This puts me at the top or above my goal weight range.

I really don’t know what the source of my weight increase is. My average daily calorie intake has gone up about 100 calories (staying at home means grazing) but my daily exercise calories have gone up about 300.

On a new normal week I burn about twice as many calories as I consume usually resulting in a net calorie deficit of more than 9000 calories per week. Plus I am really KILLING IT with my ramped up exercise and setting new personal records each week in distance, steps, calorie burn and especially in active minutes per day.

Based on the numbers I should have lost a significant amount of weight. Alas I have gained and am not sure why. So I have consulted the experts and there are multiple potential causes, many out of my control, and no clear answer.

  • It could be over-training and under-eating.
  • It could be sodium intake.
  • It could just be a natural seasonal weight cycle.
  • It is very likely that I am at my lowest healthy weight and my return to weightlifting will only cause increases from here as I add muscle without losing fat.

Remembering why I started

I could easily become very frustrated by this. I have spent the past couple of years focused on making the numbers do what I want. Since the start of this journey I have usually been unhappy as the scale goes up.

I know that I am doing all the right things (mostly… I still make the occasional bad decision). I eat well and exercise very often. I am managing stress, hydration, macronutrients and everything else that I should be managing. So my weight shouldn’t be increasing, right?

This is when I think back to why I started. This whole journey started so that I could live my healthiest and happiest life ever. Guess what? That is exactly what I am doing every day. Am I going to let this struggle take away that happiness?

Turning to a familiar tool

My weight fluctuation situation reminds of a tool I have used many times during my fitness journey, leadership experience, mentoring, my career and many other aspects of my life.

Leadership coach Tim Kight is the creator of the R-Factor. The R-Factor became famous when Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team employed it to help them win a national championship.

The R-Factor is based on a simple equation: E+R=O.

This equation means event plus response equals outcome. Put simply the outcome of almost any situation is within our control even when the events are not. We control how we respond and our response to any event is the key to the ultimate outcome.

My E. In this case I am already doing most of the things needed to manage my health, fitness and weight. But my weight is increasing a little bit.

My O. The outcome I am looking for is to live healthy and happy.

My R. If I get frustrated and unhappy about the weight change I won’t be able to achieve my desired outcome. So the proper response is for me to keep up the good work, keep celebrating my accomplishments and to enjoy the happy and healthy life I have built. I’ve earned it!

Said differently: don’t worry, be happy!

Plus, if I encounter any challenge responding this way, I can just spend time with the new kittens we added to our home this week. Max and CJ.

Always remember that the events in our lives may be out of our control but we can’t let that put our desired outcomes out of reach. Respond well and you are on your way to happiness.

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