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Plan But Pivot

After taking you along on my journey to get fit by losing over 100 pounds in under a year, now I am sharing my quest to crush goals while I live my life of fitness in a post weight loss world. My hope is that something I share resonates with you and helps you live your fittest, most productive and happiest life.

Plan But Pivot

I had a boss who created a strategy for our IT organization called plan but pivot.

The concept was that we were going to diligently plan our upcoming year of projects and work and start with everybody on the same page. But a year is a long time and lots of unpredictable things can happen so we need to be ready to quickly reassess the facts presented and change directions as needed.

Plan but pivot was a good reminder that we can only control what we can control but we need to be ready for a curveball and react. It is also the concept behind one of my other favorite life strategies E+R=O.

Throughout my fitness journey this plan but pivot concept was an important part of my success. I had lots of times when my very well thought out plan took unexpected twists and turns and my only option was to react accordingly, or pivot.

One example of plan but pivot that I faced was with my basic goal itself. I planned to lose 100 pounds in a year but I reached that point after just nine months and I was out of work with a plethora of time on my hands. My original plan was just to stop at 100 pounds but I chose to pivot and continue my loss decided to run a half marathon.

This lesson of plan but pivot applies well beyond you fitness life. It applies to our families. It applies to our careers. And it is one of the most important concepts in project management. The realities of quarantine life are a clear example of how plan but pivot has impacted us all, none of us planned to be sheltered in place for a few months, right?

I find new examples every day of places in my life where plan but pivot is an important strategy. Just this week, and I won’t bore you with the details, I had events pop up that challenged plans that I had created and I needed to pivot to both respond to those changes and to act on an unexpected opportunity.

Continuing to be a master of plan but pivot is one way that I continue to maintain a life of fitness. Living fit isn’t just a straight line from point A to point B, it is a long, winding road full of required pivots.

My point is that we have to set goals and create plans. This is one of the biggest keys to living a life that feels successful. But we also need to expect that those plans will get challenged and that we need to be ready to react when needed. The better we are at responding to change the more likely we will successfully achieve those goals.

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