100-pound Anniversary

One year ago today, I woke up, stepped on the scale and had a big surprise. Then I wrote the following in my 3/13/2018 blog post:

I have lost 100.2 pounds since 6/15/2017 – that is less than 9 months! As most of you know, my goal was over 100 in under a year and I did it in far less time.

I didn’t really know how I would feel the day I hit my goal. I can tell you that my first feeling was utter surprise. I expected to have lost a bit since yesterday, but honestly thought I wouldn’t be past the 99 pound mark. So, it was a huge shock!

Me, 3/13/2018

So much has changed in my life through this journey and since hitting the 100-pound mark. I am so happy I did this and can’t wait to celebrate this anniversary today.

In a very short time, a matter of days really, I will be launching my book Operation Melt: How I Used Life-Changing Project Management to Lose Over 100 Pounds in Under a Year. The good feelings that I feel after achieving this milestone are why I wrote my book. I want to help other people feel this way after achieving their big goals.

Thank you so much for continuing to follow my journey and for supporting me along the way. While my weight loss journey is over my fitness journey and my life journey is just getting started.

I am more powerful and capable than I ever thought!

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