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Milestone Moment: One Year of Melting

Happy 1 year anniversary to my Operation Melt fitness journey. Today marks a double milestone of 1 year of melting as well as my first 5k!

This was me one year ago…

One year ago today, I wrote the following in my daily journal

I really want to get healthier. I hate being so overweight.. I hate not being able to buy clothes in normal stores and having to always be concerned about weight capacity. I hate not being able to do things that I know Liz wants to do like horseback riding. Plus I hate the little aches and pains, the terrible stomach and being so self-conscious all the time. But, it is way too easy to keep doing what I am doing instead of fixing it. I want to get better and have to challenge myself to do so.

So I did challenge myself. I spent a year making smarter decisions and working hard and watched the weight just melt off of me…I have lost 117 pounds and am on my way to 125. My original goal of losing 100 pounds in a year was met in 9 months. Here is a graph of the journey – fun with graphs!

One year later and I am celebrating the anniversary of my decision to get fit by hosting my own 5K run. It was unbelievable to have so many people sign up to run with me and support me in my first 5K. Plus, for people to be so generous with their donations to Central Community House to help families out of poverty was also great. We raised $645!


To make it even better, I did pretty good! I finished in 32 minutes with an average pace of 10:35, which is exactly where I wanted to be!

Before heading out to walk down to the 5K course, I was inspired to write something to get the thoughts out of my head, so I wrote the following:

I Did It

I didn’t come from greatness.

I didn’t think I deserved it.

I didn’t make it a priority because I thought I would fail – so I didn’t try.

I let it get the upper hand and it was trying to kill me.

Then it all changed!

I was done, embarrassed and ready.

I made a decision.

I knew why I wanted it.

I made it a priority (obsession?).

I worked my ass off.

I won!


Because I am completely amazing!

Now… I can do anything!

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