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Week 14: A Big Week, Another Injury, Missed Expectation

Ok, I am 14 weeks into this journey and I was expecting to celebrate a major achievement this week. I had expected this to be the week that I hit 50 pounds lost. Alas, I did not get there. But, this was still a big week.

First off, I started the week with my weight up a bit – which sucks! Then, I decided to skip working out on Monday and hit the snooze button a few times instead. Then, I felt guilty on Tuesday for my weight being up and not exercising that I did a double workout. I did a walk/run in the morning and then a second one at night after dinner. Unfortunately, it was during this second workout that I learned how important your form is when running. I was running way wrong (sometimes being self-taught lets you down) and was too far up on my toes and balls of my feet instead of firmly planting my foot. As a results, I strained my Achilles a little bit. Nothing too serious, but lots of pain when I walk.

Based on my Achilles issue, I then had to skip working out for several days. At the same time, I had several days of high calorie consumption as well. So, my weight increased a bit more. I don’t completely understand it because I am still burning more than I eat. Maybe it isn’t 100% mathematical as I have been expecting.

Another big thing happened this week – my boss left the company. I have mentioned before that I have a pretty high-stress job and that stress is one of my health issues. I honestly believe a lot of this stress was tied directly or indirectly to my boss. Not all her fault, but related to her. This week, she officially left the company. Whether this becomes a significant source of stress reduction remains to be seen, but it is definitely going to create change in some way.

Reflecting on this week, I can’t help but to be a little disappointed in my progress. But, I need to just accept in and move onto the next. So what that I missed my 50-pound loss milestone by one week. I expect that I will achieve that by next week and it will be just as special. Plus, I am still several months ahead of my original plan – I planned 50 pounds by Christmas! I honestly cannot believe I am at that point given that I really just started 90 days ago. If I think back to 100 days ago, I would not have thought it would be possible.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked/run: 33.9 miles
Total calories burnt: 28,978
Total calories consumed: 12,446
Weight change: 3.5 pounds lost

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