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Week 11: OMG, I ran!

As somebody who has lived their entire life overweight, there are certain things I thought I would never decide to do as an activity. A big one of the things that I thought was out of my reach was running. I know tons of people who do this, but it was not for me.

But, I am happy to report that I ran for the first time. I ran a total of about 25 feet during my walk. But, hey, that is something, right?!

My goal is to ramp up running slowly in order to push up the intensity of exercise to make it more effective. Plus, I can force my heart rate up to also make the calorie burn higher. Maybe that will help break free from my plateau.

Running goals: be able to alternate walk/run per leg of Schiller park that I walk around and then be able to run one full lap. But for now, more than 25 feet per 2 miles of walking.

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