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Week 5: Milestone Moment Achieved

As of this morning, I crossed the 25 pounds mark and have lost a total of 26 pounds since I started. I am under 300 pounds! That’s 8 percent of my body weight in just over 30 days! This is one of my biggest accomplishments in a very long time!

I am very proud of this accomplishment and shared it on Facebook. This is really the first time I have gone that public with my fitness project. Though I have mentioned some things here and there and people have been telling me that my selfies show I am losing a bunch of weight. I got a total of 91 likes, the most I ever received, and a ton of supportive comments.

Speaking of supportive comments, I am starting to get lots of positive feedback from people who know me because I am starting to look like I am losing weight. This is so notable that one of my coworkers reached out and told me that another coworker texted her to check on me because I look like I lost a lot of weight.

My shin splints seem to be 100% healed now so I am back on top of exercise. Plus I am being pretty consistent with my calorie intake being lower than what I burn.

I have ended up getting a prescription for blood pressure medication, but a very low dose and hopefully just temporary. Plus, the x-ray of my knee showed no structural problems. So, it is likely just a matter of overuse… I hope!

On a fun note, I have giving my fitness project a new name when talking to people about it: Operation Tony Melt.

One other note, I have started adding stats to each of my posts to give a glimpse to my results.  These results are delayed for one week so that I can count the full 7 days.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked: 36.04 miles
Total calories burnt: 30,490
Total calories consumed: 13,746
Weight change: 4.3 pounds lost

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