Week 10: Discouraging moment: clothes shopping

Today after work (it was a half day), I decided it was time to go shopping for some clothes that will fit my transitional body better. I started with Old Navy, and they don’t go up to my size at all. Then, I went to a big & tall store, and smaller sizes didn’t fit. Probably related to different styles from the same brand. But, in all, I bought nothing and walked away feeling my less than successful.

Instead of going home on feeling sorry for myself, I decided to go workout instead. I parked my car at the Grange Audubon park and hopped on the Scioto Trail. I then walked from there all the way through and past downtown before turning around. On the way back, I got quite the thigh cramp, so I stopped at one of our favorite bars along the path. This was my longest walk yet at 4.25 miles and the view was great.

So, I don’t fit in clothes from a normal store yet. Oh well, it is coming!

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked: 32.82 miles
Total calories burnt: 29,370
Total calories consumed: 12,031
Weight change: 5.4 pounds lost

Week 8: Exercise: too much of a good thing?

On Friday morning after vacation, I skipped working out in the morning. I was having some knee pain and had an early morning meeting with my boss. Couple this with a happy hour after work with a coworker and you have the potential for disaster from a weight loss perspective. It turns out that I actually created a problem of a different type.

After finishing a quick happy hour, I realized my wife wasn’t going to be home from her hair appointment for about 90 minutes or longer. So, I decided that my Friday night activity would be to head out for a long, high impact walk. I ended up going to a high speed, 3 mile, sweaty walk in 80-degree weather. Then, I got up early on Saturday morning and did the same thing. But, a total of 6 miles on Saturday between exercise and general walking through the activities of the day.

So, how is this a negative thing: shin splints again. This time on the other leg. Guess I will have to take a couple of days off of the exercise routine… again.

More bad news: even with the extra working out, I didn’t lose any weight. From August 2 through August 6, I was at 291 pounds. Then, today, I actually went up a pound. Very discouraging!

On a related topic, my clothes are way too big on me. My pants are falling down so I have had to cinch my belt tighter so they just look baggy. Plus, my shirts are pretty big on me. But, I am not done yet. So, when should I buy new clothes? I hate to just waste the money.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked: 37.73 miles
Total calories burnt: 30,862
Total calories consumed: 13,708
Weight change: 3.5 pounds lost

Week 7: Vacation is over, How’d I do?

Every year, we have a family vacation at Indian Lake and we are there for 10 days. This usually means 10 days of snacking, drinking and just having complete fun. Being positioned just over 30 days into my goal of getting fit (Project Tony Melt) was certainly a risky proposition.

I am happy to say that I was able to stick to my plan. I had more free time to exercise without any time constraints. I tried to make fairly good decisions on food and snacks. I only missed my net calories (total consumed minus those burned off through focused exercise) one time and only by a couple of hundred calories. Plus, I took my scale with me to help ensure accountability.

I didn’t lose a lot of weight on vacation, but I did get down 4 pounds over the past 11 days. I also started my blood pressure medicine and the impact was immediate. I am fully in the normal/ideal zone with no side effects. Score!

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked: 41.34 miles
Total calories burnt: 32,504
Total calories consumed: 15,370
Weight change: 2.5 pounds lost

Week 5: Milestone Moment Achieved

As of this morning, I crossed the 25 pounds mark and have lost a total of 26 pounds since I started. I am under 300 pounds! That’s 8 percent of my body weight in just over 30 days! This is one of my biggest accomplishments in a very long time!

I am very proud of this accomplishment and shared it on Facebook. This is really the first time I have gone that public with my fitness project. Though I have mentioned some things here and there and people have been telling me that my selfies show I am losing a bunch of weight. I got a total of 91 likes, the most I ever received, and a ton of supportive comments.

Speaking of supportive comments, I am starting to get lots of positive feedback from people who know me because I am starting to look like I am losing weight. This is so notable that one of my coworkers reached out and told me that another coworker texted her to check on me because I look like I lost a lot of weight.

My shin splints seem to be 100% healed now so I am back on top of exercise. Plus I am being pretty consistent with my calorie intake being lower than what I burn.

I have ended up getting a prescription for blood pressure medication, but a very low dose and hopefully just temporary. Plus, the x-ray of my knee showed no structural problems. So, it is likely just a matter of overuse… I hope!

On a fun note, I have giving my fitness project a new name when talking to people about it: Operation Tony Melt.

One other note, I have started adding stats to each of my posts to give a glimpse to my results.  These results are delayed for one week so that I can count the full 7 days.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked: 36.04 miles
Total calories burnt: 30,490
Total calories consumed: 13,746
Weight change: 4.3 pounds lost

Week 3: pain has an impact

Through the past weekend, I stepped up my exercise and woke up Monday morning (long 4-day holiday weekend) with severe pain in my left shin. After researching and discussing with a couple of athletic type people, I learned that I had shin splints. They were so bad on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings that I didn’t exercise at all and that was frustrating. I finally started getting back to walking, albeit very slowly, on Thursday morning.

The cause of my shin splints was most likely related to ramping up stress on the shin without proper footwear. So, I went to a running shoes store (Frontrunner) and had my foot measured, arches evaluated and a gait analysis. I invested in some higher end Asics shoes and carbon fiber insoles to help prevent further injuries. They were expensive, but a good investment.

My target calorie intake decreased this week as my weight decreased. I did a good job sticking to the calories and didn’t miss even once, though I was close. My bigger challenge was that I accidentally consumed less than 1000 calories on Thursday. This is a very unhealthy caloric intake and I even ate ice cream at the end of the day to put myself over the 1000 mark.

My weight throughout the week as up and down. But, by the end of the week, I was down to 306 pounds, so I am approaching the milestone of getting under 300 pounds. Plus, my heart health range has moved up a bit and I am in the “Poor to Fair” territory.

My blood pressure is still a big concern and my follow up appointment is next week.