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Month: October 2021

Happy New Year!?

Happy New Year! Ok, it may not be a new year for you, but it is for me.

Pausing annually to resolve to make changes in your life can be a beneficial process. Unfortunately, the traditional New Year’s resolutions are a recipe for failure. Two simple game-changer upgrades can significantly increase your chances of success.

Read about a new approach to New Year’s resolutions in Happy New Year!?, this week’s Goal Success by Choice article.

Are You Being Haunted?

Are you being haunted by ghosts from your past? Whether physical, mental or emotional, our scars are ghosts that can stick with us for our whole life. But, you don’t have to live in fear of every ghost. You can make some choices, so they don’t steal your happiness.

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PM Believer: I’m Right, You’re Wrong

While not a traditional project management tool or technique, one secret weapon can make any project manager better. Whether you are managing a multi-million dollar program at work or a personal goal project, try this surprising strategy if you want to increase your probability of success. Plus, you might just find that people will enjoy working with you a little more.

Click here to read the bite-sized article: I’m Right, You’re Wrong.

Our Lying Eyes

Each one of us faces moments when our eyes lie to us. Regardless of what type of bias is clouding your ability to see the truth, you have the power to overcome that bias and find the truth with your lying eyes.

Read strategies for overcoming your bias in Our Lying Eyes, this week’s Goal Success by Choice article.

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