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Getting Better

Thank you for reading this week’s Operation Melt update.

Operation Melt started as a blog to share my personal transformation and weight loss story. After achieving success with that goal, Operation Melt has evolved into a platform to help inspire, motivate and equip people to achieve their own personal and professional goals so they can live their best lives.

I am trying to build a world where no goal ever dies of loneliness.

Amuse Bouche

My amuse bouche for you today is a light “dad joke” to entertain your mind before we get down to business.

How does a bad Peek-A-Boo accident end?

With an I C U.

Like any other amuse bouche, you may have hated it, but it was worth every penny that you paid for it, right?

Goal Success by Choice

We can choose to be successful with our goals if we make the right daily choices, build the right habits and behaviors and adopt the right mindsets. Goal Success by Choice shares lessons about the choices we can make that can either move us closer to our goals or hold us back. I hope this post helps you get a little closer to crushing your goals.

Getting Better

This week I have been working on a new creative project that I will be sharing soon. Part of this project included me reviewing several blog posts that I wrote more than two years ago. The results have been eye-opening!

I first launched my Operation Melt blog in December of 2017, but I have posts that dated back to June of 2017. That is five years of sharing posts related to my journey, goal success and many other topics. Over these five years, I have written and published over six hundred blog posts. These are all in addition to over two thousand social media posts, a book and several other pieces I have written. 

Needless to say, I have been busy and you are the beneficiary of this work.

Reviewing and revising old posts was enlightening and I have come to a conclusion. My writing was pretty rough a few years ago. I definitely was able to communicate my points for sure, but I definitely could have been more grammatically correct, more concise and have edited more.

As proud as I am of my older content, it wasn’t my best writing.

So what has changed between 2017 and now?

I have certainly invested in new tools to improve my writing. For the past year, I used an app that reviews my grammar, my style and overall engagement. As you may know, this is the same app that I talked about a couple of weeks ago in An Unproud Moment

This app has helped me with the technical accuracy of my writing, but there’s more than a new tool.

In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell describes the ten thousand hour rule. Gladwell said that it takes “10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert.” This quote basically means that you can become an expert in anything that your practice for long enough.

You know: practice makes perfect.

Over the past five years, I have written more than six hundred blog posts. I estimate an hour of work per blog plus fifteen minutes per social media post. This equals more than eleven hundred hours of writing. Add a forty-two-chapter book and I easily get to at least twelve hundred hours of writing.

In all, I would estimate that I probably have at least two thousand hours of writing experience over the past five years. That’s not ten thousand hours, but it is still a lot of writing.

What’s the result of all of this writing practice? I am getting better!

Two Steps to Get Better at Anything

We all have things that we wished we could do better. 

  • Do you want to be a better runner? 
  • Do you want to be a better leader? 
  • Do you want to be a better project manager? 
  • Do you want to be a better piano player? 

Getting better at any of these things is in reach with two simple steps.

Do your homework. By spending time learning about the particular skill that you want to improve, you are feeding your brain the information that it needs to get better. Going deep into reading, podcasts, videos and talking to people about the things you want to improve keeps you engaged and learning.

But getting better at something doesn’t end with learning about it.

Practice. The best step to take to build a new skill or improve an existing one is practice. Spend the time doing the thing. Or put in the reps as I have heard some more sports-minded coaches say.

Each time you practice the skill you will get a little bit better. You will start building muscle memory, learning new techniques and building the strength you need to get you to the next level. You may not be anywhere near the ten thousand hours that it takes to be an expert, but every hour counts. Hour one is a definite step on the journey to ten thousand.

Even if practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes progress.

So, let’s all get out there and practice the skills that get us closer to our goals.

Good luck and let’s crush some goals together!

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