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Month: January 2021

Happy New Year

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year! And goodbye 2020!

Different times call for different approaches. So, this week’s post includes a different kind of recap of 2020 and a unique approach for my goals for 2021.

Click to learn about my biggest lessons from 2020 and how I am applying them in 2021.

PM Believer: Risky Business

Are you feeling good about your plan to achieve your goals? Guess what, it isn’t going to go exactly as planned. It is critical to expect and prepare for challenges in reaching your goal. Do this by reducing the probability that the issue will happen and/or the impact of it does. And make sure to watch out for alien abductions.

Click here to read the bite-sized summary of how you are engaging in risky business.

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