Pandemic Fitness Tips #4

Living a healthy, fit life is about good habits that positively impact your body, your mind and your spirit. When a global pandemic hits and forces us out of our daily routines we have to make some changes and be even more deliberate about taking care of our fitness. I am going to start sharing some of my new fitness habits that are taking shape during this trying time. I hope that some of my new habits can help you keep your own fitness goals moving in the right direction.

Tip #4: track it! You can prevent yourself from mindlessly snacking through your day of being stuck in the house by tracking your consumption. Start a food journal or use an app and record everything you eat and drink. The act of writing it down makes you more aware of what you have eaten today and helps you ensure the right behaviors.

One of my pro tips is NOT to stop this once the world has returned to normal. I have been tracking my consumption for 1006 straight days and it has made a major difference in my life?

I know life is different right now and almost every one of us is struggling to find our new “normal.” With some good daily habits this new “normal” can still be a fit life. Good luck and get out there and live your best life. Let’s defeat this virus together!

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