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My Favorite Podcasts

Do you know what a podcast is? That may sound like a silly question but a year ago I was only loosely familiar with them conceptually. And I am a pretty technologically astute guy!

A podcast is essentially a radio audio (though there are videos too) program pre-recorded and downloadable from a variety of services. If you have a smartphone there is usually a podcast app built right in and connected to one of the various cloud-based services – you can listen on your computer too. You subscribe to the podcast (usually 100% free) and they are automatically delivered to your device to listen to at you leisure. There are literally thousands of shows available about any topic you can think of and they release new episodes, on average, weekly.

As I mentioned I was not a podcast listener just over a year ago. Then I left my previous job and started my 4+ month sabbatical. During this time I would go out for a walk or run pretty much every day and sometimes for hours at a time. My longest was the day (and it was an exercise “rest” day) that I decided to go for a 12+ mile walk. With all of this time I needed something to listen to and didn’t always want music.

Also during my sabbatical I was going through a significant personal transformation. I was rediscovering who I was and figuring out who I wanted to be. I needed input. I needed inspiration. I needed different ways of looking at things. I guess I was pretty needy, huh?

This is when I started listening to podcasts.

As a leader it is important for us to continue learning and expanding our minds. The top choice for how to do this is reading but that isn’t always convenient. So podcasts are a great alternative. They are a good source for your recommended daily allowance of learning, perspective and inspiration. Finding a favorite podcast or two can be an amazing addition to your walk, your workout, your commute or even to replace your background music at work.

While I don’t listen to every episode of all of my subscribed podcasts I try to listen to a lot of them. I listen almost every day to some content. My goals for podcast listening are varied but they generally follow a pattern.

  1. To keep me motivated and energized when chasing my goals
  2. To help me grow my skills, chart my path & build my business
  3. To challenge my thinking and push me to think bigger
  4. To entertain me
  5. To keep improving my project management skills
  6. To learn more about health & fitness

While some podcasts fit into multiple categories I have bucketed each of my subscribed podcasts into just one bucket below. I wanted to share my list in case something here becomes valuable to you.

Keeping me motivated & energized

Grow my skills, chart my path and build my business

Challenge me to think bigger

To entertain me

Improving my project management

  • Projectified by Project Management Institute
  • I have tried to find more here but I think this is an under-served category in the podcast world. Potential opportunity for me?

Health & fitness

  • I have recently unsubscribed from everything I was listening to here as my journey has evolved. I need new recommendations if anybody knows any good options.

There you have it

Call to Action: find a podcast that you love. Give a listen to the ones I mentioned above or go searching for ones that resonate with you. Whatever your choice just give a podcast a try.

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