Reflections on Leadership: Leaders Aren’t Immune to Self-doubt

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Leaders Aren’t Immune to Self-doubt

I am sticking to just a short post this week but one that is important.

In my Reflections on Leadership series I usually talk about all the important things that great leaders do (except maybe when I said Leaders don’t know what they are doing). It would be easy to think that great leaders are always on and never have an off day. It would also be easy to think that great leaders always have a plan and are confident that things are in track and are going to work out perfectly. In our social media and bullet point culture we can sometimes just end up seeing a highlight reel and thinking there are never problems.

Don’t forget that leaders are people. They are human beings with all the normal shortcomings, setbacks, worries, anxiety and everything else that comes along with being a person.

Leaders also have self-doubt, they aren’t immune. We all have that voice inside of us that says “you are going to fail,” “you aren’t good enough,” “who do you think you are,” “why would anybody care what you have to say?” It happens to everybody including great leaders.

When self-doubt surfaces you have a choice. You have the power to choose how to respond (remember E+R=O). Your best choice is to simply acknowledge that the feelings are there and do what you need to do to push past them and to get back on track. Remember all that you have accomplished to get you to this point and know that you have the power to push forward. You are a rockstar, a superhero and you are powerful. Greatness is just on the other side of that self-doubt.

Call to Action:give yourself a break and know that those feelings of self-doubt don’t mean there is something wrong with you. You suffer from the same condition as the rest of the leaders out there – acute humanity. These feelings are perfectly natural and you have to choose to move past them. You are a superhero and you are capable of so much… you didn’t come this far just to come this far… keep it up!

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