PM Hack: Bring the Humor

I stumbled on to this quote today and I thought it was a great leadership tip for project managers.

One of our most important responsibilities as project managers is to support and motivate our project teams. One approach that has always worked well for me is to keep the environment fun. Whether you are making a joke or playing a good natured but non-disruptive prank there are lots of ways to keep things light.

In projects there are issues every day and people have hard work to do. The more we as PMs can lighten this load the more people will enjoy working on our projects and the better results we can achieve. Isn’t that what project management is really about?

One important note about this hack is included in the last few words “at the right moment.” Always take care that you are sending the right message and taking the work seriously. I worked in a team once where the motto was “we take the work but not ourselves seriously” that us really more of the spirit of this hack.