Reflections on Leadership: More Than a Job

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More Than a Job

One of my coworkers left last week to start a new job in Arizona. So we were going through the standard end of working together motions and saying our goodbyes and saying that we want to stay in touch. That is when he made a statement that really resonated with me:

“We have very similar views about project management and it is more than just a job.”

Wow, that statement hit me like a ton of bricks and gave me a big ah-ha moment!

The difference between a job (or even a profession) that is energizing and exciting and one that is just meh is in how you view your work. Are you just doing things that you are told to do and that you have to do and going through the motions? Or do you see your work as part of a bigger calling and opportunity to make an impact on the world?

For example my chosen profession is project management and it is definitely more than a job to me. I look at project management as a way of life and sincerely believe that great project management can change lives.

Let’s look at a very simple definition of what project management is. At its heart, project management means the following:

  1. Establishing big goals, documenting the goal and why it is important and committing to accomplishing it
  2. Building a plan to accomplish your goal and beginning execution
  3. Monitoring progress towards the goal in an empirical and fact-based manner
  4. Managing the balance between the work, the timeline and the budget and reacting to issues and changes as they occur
  5. Finishing the project, celebrating success and moving on once you are finished

Yes, there are lots more aspects to project management but those are the basics.

Why do I say that great project management can change lives? Well the project management approach can be successfully applied to any goal that you want to accomplish and the probability of success will skyrocket. I proved this to myself when I used project management to achieve success in my fitness journey and managed myself from obesity to athlete in 16 months.

But project management is just the start…

Leaders have the opportunity to make a bigger impact wherever they go. Whether you are in a position with a leadership title or if you are just leading by influence you are making an impact. You are helping build leaders around you, you are making an impact on people, you are helping to achieve big goals and you are learning every step of the way. This impact is even further amplified when you engage in servant leadership!

Call to Action: If you want to feel great about your job and excited every day just make sure that you continue to view your contributions and your impact as more than just a job. You have the potential to leave your mark on the hearts of everybody who you serve. Spend every day trying to make that mark an inspirational one.

About Reflections on Leadership

Reflections on Leadership is my weekly article series reflecting on what it means to be a great leader. I hope that these thoughts can help you with your own leadership development journey.

My mission for Operation Melt is to help you melt away all of the obstacles to achieving your goals, not just your fitness goals. So, helping us all become better leaders is fully aligned with that mission. Maybe this will help achieve the Operation Melt vision…

To create a world where goals never die of loneliness.

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