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Week 50: 2 Weeks Until My Fit-iversary

This is my week 50 update for my Operation Melt fitness journey. That means that there are only 2 more weeks left until we reach the anniversary of the decision that changed my life.

Just Two More Weeks

Week 50 means that there are just 2 more weeks until we reach my target date for losing 100 pounds. However I reached that mark by the 9-month point! So, in 2 weeks, I was hoping to have lost 125 pounds, but that looks just a bit out of reach. So I am going to shoot for 120 pounds down and my first 5K run in the books.

I think the one year mark is going to mean that there will be some change in how I think about my journey. It is already no longer focused on the “over 100 in under a year” goal that it once was since I hit that. But it is still focused on losing pounds which cannot continue forever.

This has been a great journey so far and I am doing great. But part of the reason I am doing great is that I have set goals for myself. So, I am going to need to figure out some goals for the post 1-year point. I only have 2 weeks to get that done!

First Time 5K

There are also just 2 more weeks left for me to train for my 5K! I am not quite ready yet and my frequent bouts of hip pain have slowed me down a bit.

I am not concerned that I won’t finish because I can easily do 3 miles. My real concern is that I won’t be able to RUN the whole time and will have to walk. I can easily run a mile, walk a mile and then run the third mile as I have done that frequently. 3+ mile runs are something I have also done before but I am just not consistent.

I am just nervous that I won’t live up to my expectations!

As it stands right now, it looks like about 12-15 people will be joining for my race. But, I extended the sign-up deadline by a week to give any last-minute joiners an opportunity. But, I will have to cut it off then in order to provide a count to CBC and such. So sign-up now please!

Making an Impact

So far, my Operation Melt First Time 5K has raised about $350 for Central Community House. I am still hoping for a little more, but I am super appreciative for everybody who has donated so far. People have been so generous!

The best part is that it really feels like I am doing some good with this and it is not just a big “yay Tony!” party. While I am proud of myself and want to celebrate what I have accomplished over this past year, I also don’t want to do so without some humility.

After all, the only reason I was able to have this success is because of years of failure!

Part of my failure over those years was connected to growing up in poverty. When you start off poor, you don’t build the good habits that are the foundation for good health. That is why there is such a link between poverty and obesity.

A big reason I made the First Time 5k a fundraiser was to help families out of poverty. Helping families out of poverty will ultimately lead to helping prevent or conquer obesity. This is why Central Community House is such a good organization to receive the proceeds from my fundraiser.

More Progress: Blood Pressure Controlled

When I first started my Operation Melt journey, I learned from my doctor that my blood pressure was too high.

My peak reading at the beginning was 173/114 and the bottom number went as high as 117. When I would Google the readings they were often in the range of “seek medical attention” because they were so high. The ideal blood pressure is a top number under 120 and bottom under 80.

Who knows how long I had been living with dangerously high blood pressure. Had I not made the decision to start this journey it is hard to say what would have happened. High blood pressure is called the silent killer because there are no symptoms associated with it. It just sits there and puts extra strain on your heart and veins. Then suddenly, boom, you have a stroke or heart attack.

I was literally on the path to early death from my blood pressure… and I had no idea!

So… my doctor put me on blood pressure medication in July to control it. Then, in February, he reduced the dose by switching medicines. At the 90 pounds lost mark my body was able to better control the blood pressure but not completely.

I went to my doctor this week for a follow up visit and the story was great…. I am no longer on blood pressure medication!

My doctor is comfortable with how my body has changed and my ability to self-manage the blood pressure without medication. He also trusts me to be the doctor and to monitor my blood pressure and put myself back on the medication if need-be.

This is big for me in a few ways. First is the fact that my blood pressure is normal and I am at a lower risk for death and stuff. Bigger than that is the fact that my doctor trusts my medical knowledge, self-discipline and continued good habits. Not the case a year ago by any means!

Operation Melt

I made some upgrades and added some more polish to Operation Melt this week. First, I updated some of the structure and content throughout the website. Much of the content was still from pre-launch in November, so it was time to upgrade.

I updated the section on my approach to my weight loss so it was more accurate. It also aligns closely with the upcoming book which provides a deeper dive into the process and how I applied it. It was important for me to tie it all together in a better way.

Behind the scenes, I have started working on setting up a Mail Chimp mailing list. My goal is to get some subscribers and start publishing a weekly email that is essentially a summary of all of the week’s content that I published.

Lots of good stuff happening so stay tuned!

My Vision & Coaching

I also went “public” with my vision: I want to create a world where goals never die of loneliness.

This ties closely to also going public with my goal to start coaching people as their “goals project manager”. This includes fitness goals for sure because I think I can really help get people setup for success in their fitness journey. But it is also bigger than just fitness because my process and tools can apply to any goals. I have also started working to build a “members only” section of the site where people can download digital resources to use in their own journeys.

All of this is because I have discovered that I have a superpower… I turn goals into reality. 

My superhero utility belt includes many tools that I use to make this happen. I combine project management (11+ years) with technology (20+ years) and leadership, coaching and mentoring (15+ years ). Then I add a bit of creativity, storytelling, inspiration, humor and an analytical and process-oriented mindset. Suddenly a superpower comes to life.

I don’t want to see any goal die of loneliness.

Check back next week for more!

Last week’s stats (5/21- 5/27):
Distance walked/run: 54 miles
Total calories burnt: 27,915
Total calories consumed: 16,987
Weight change: 3.1 pounds lost

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