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Week 44: Just an OK week

After beast week last week, I only had an ok week this week. There was no way that I was going to compare to last week. I still moved forward this week and had some reasonable achievements, but nothing all that exciting.

Weight Mini Milestone

I achieved a mini milestone in my weight loss this week. It wasn’t big enough that I wanted to post it separately, but it was important to me. For the first time since I started my journey, I have dipped below 220 pounds and weighed in at 219 pounds. Just 20 more pounds and I reach my semi-final goal of getting under 200 pounds.

Working Hard to Eat More

I have been working on increasing my food intake a bit to avoid over training. I have ramped up my calories intake in order to hit my protein goal. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but I needed to increase my calories again in order to get to my nutrient goals and to offset the exercise.

My baseline calorie budget is 1863 calories a day right now before exercise. This baseline budget already includes a deficit needed to achieve 1-2 pounds per week of weight loss. Then, each day, I have been averaging about 1000 calories of exercise. So, that means that I can eat somewhere in the neighborhood of 2800 calories to achieve the same weight loss. I definitely want to eat less than that, but not go so low that my body goes into starvation mode.

It has been working, I seem to continue losing weight though I am ramping up my food intake. There have been days where I feel like I am always eating, but it is working for me.

Operation Melt Next Steps

This week, I worked on taking some of the next steps with my book. The first section has been edited and is mostly done. I also started working on finding an agent to help sell my book to a publisher once the rest is edited. I am pretty excited to get the book published.

In addition to the book, I had some discussions this week about some other venues where I can help people using my experiences and story. I have started giving some thought to a plan for how to build a business out of my new-found passion for health & fitness. If I can ultimately find a way to turn this passion into a career, my transformation will be permanent for sure and I can help others transform the same way. Stay tuned for more updates here!

Check back next week for more!

Last week’s stats (4/9 – 4/15):
Distance walked/run: 54.5 miles
Total calories burnt: 27,950
Total calories consumed: 16,474
Weight change: 3 pounds lost

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