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Week 40: Phase 2 Has Started

Last week’s 100-pounds victory marked the end of the first phase of my Operation Melt journey and I killed that first goal. Now, I am moving into phase 2 which will last for the next 3 months… I shared my phase 2 goals last week.

So, how was the first week of phase 2? Meh…

This was a week of mixed results at best. I tried to keep going, but my body decided to resist a bit. So, I have added in something new into my journey. I am hoping to see some new results from this.

Weight Loss Stalled, Then Started

After achieving the 100 pounds lost mark, my weight went up a little bit and stayed there. I am not sure if it was lifestyle related and I was just eating and drinking the wrong things or if it was because of muscle growth. Based on my calories in and calories out, I knew I couldn’t have added fat, so I was dumbfounded. Even days when I didn’t have any alcohol, I still wasn’t losing weight.

It was pretty frustrating to hit my goal, then not be able to get back there despite lots of work to make it happen.

Then, suddenly, on a Saturday morning when my weight is usually higher from Friday night fun, my weight plummeted. I was at 100.8 pounds lost after being up for a week. I didn’t expect this, but there it was. So, back on track again!

I think my body is just trying to keep it interested and trying to make sure that I know it is in charge.

Working with a Trainer

This week marked another interesting milestone in my journey, I started working with a trainer.

Over the past several months at the gym, I have been observing each of the trainers from a distance. They each seem to have their own processes and work differently with their clients. Some of them have even been working out in the gym while I am there, so I have had the chance to see them doing their own workouts.

Through all of my observing, one trainer has stood out to me because her workouts tend to be pretty fierce. She does some amazing things and is in amazing shape. I have watched her interact with her clients and she seems to be pretty patient with good rapport. So, I decided to talk to her on Monday. Turns out that she has ran marathons, has been a competitive bodybuilder and has a bachelors and masters degree in this stuff. So, I was sold!

On Wednesday morning, we had our first session. It was just a 30-miunte session, but we crammed a lot of different exercises into that short time. We targeted areas of my body that I hadn’t been working on. This was an interesting experience.

First, I had to decrease the weight I had been lifting…. A lot! I have gotten to the point where I can do bicep curls with a 70 pound barbell. Well, that did not translate at all to the exercises that my trainer was having me do. At one point, 10 pounds dumbbells were almost too heavy for me. Then, she had me doing walking lunges followed by blast-offs and that was tough.

When I left the gym, I struggled a bit walking down the stairs. Then, Thursday morning, I could barely walk because my thighs hurt so much. I didn’t expect to be in as much pain as I was.

So, I made a follow-up appointment for this coming Wednesday, let’s see if I do better. On Saturday morning, I told my trainer that she certainly helped me stay humble!

Progress with My Book

On Sunday morning, I finished the first draft of my book about my journey.

I am a long way from being able to publish the book, but my first draft is done. Now, I have to start the lengthy process of revising the book and removing redundancy, errors and nonsense. But, I have it all on paper now, which is a HUGE first step.

Be on the lookout for the book because I am hoping that everybody who has been following my journey in real time will read the book.

Check back next week for more!

Last week’s stats (3/12 – 3/18):
Distance walked/run: 39.37 miles
Total calories burnt: 25,541
Total calories consumed: 13,595
Weight change: 0.1 pounds GAINED!

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