A Proud Day: 50 Pounds Down

I did it … I have lost more than 50 pounds in 100 days!

Since I first started this fitness journey on 6/15 (the weekend after actually), I have now lost 51.4 pounds as of this morning. Plus, I am feeling better and have even started running a little bit – that is something that was unthinkable to me in the spring!

Now that I have crushed that goal, my next goal is 75 pounds. Plus, my secondary goal is to buy some new clothes that fit!

Week 14: A Big Week, Another Injury, Missed Expectation

Ok, I am 14 weeks into this journey and I was expecting to celebrate a major achievement this week. I had expected this to be the week that I hit 50 pounds lost. Alas, I did not get there. But, this was still a big week.

First off, I started the week with my weight up a bit – which sucks! Then, I decided to skip working out on Monday and hit the snooze button a few times instead. Then, I felt guilty on Tuesday for my weight being up and not exercising that I did a double workout. I did a walk/run in the morning and then a second one at night after dinner. Unfortunately, it was during this second workout that I learned how important your form is when running. I was running way wrong (sometimes being self-taught lets you down) and was too far up on my toes and balls of my feet instead of firmly planting my foot. As a results, I strained my Achilles a little bit. Nothing too serious, but lots of pain when I walk.

Based on my Achilles issue, I then had to skip working out for several days. At the same time, I had several days of high calorie consumption as well. So, my weight increased a bit more. I don’t completely understand it because I am still burning more than I eat. Maybe it isn’t 100% mathematical as I have been expecting.

Another big thing happened this week – my boss left the company. I have mentioned before that I have a pretty high-stress job and that stress is one of my health issues. I honestly believe a lot of this stress was tied directly or indirectly to my boss. Not all her fault, but related to her. This week, she officially left the company. Whether this becomes a significant source of stress reduction remains to be seen, but it is definitely going to create change in some way.

Reflecting on this week, I can’t help but to be a little disappointed in my progress. But, I need to just accept in and move onto the next. So what that I missed my 50-pound loss milestone by one week. I expect that I will achieve that by next week and it will be just as special. Plus, I am still several months ahead of my original plan – I planned 50 pounds by Christmas! I honestly cannot believe I am at that point given that I really just started 90 days ago. If I think back to 100 days ago, I would not have thought it would be possible.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked/run: 33.9 miles
Total calories burnt: 28,978
Total calories consumed: 12,446
Weight change: 3.5 pounds lost

Week 13: It has been 90 days, how am I doing?

It was just 3 months ago that I went to my first doctor’s appointment. Since that point, I have been back 3 times and am no longer nervous at all. So, that is definitely progress and I don’t have to go back until November. At that point, I hope to be completely off of blood pressure medication.

Over the past 3 months, I have walked/run over 400 miles. Today was my fastest time yet at 13:59 as my average mile time. That is because there was a lot of running mixed in with the walking. I now exercise, on average, 6-7 times a week. That is much higher than the zero times just 3 months ago.

For nutrition, there is literally nothing that I have 100% given up. I drink still, I eat pizza, I eat wings and I have even eaten cake. It is all still there, just in the right proportions. I have learned to eat more vegetables than ever. I have added other things into my diet. For example, I discovered a great healthy juice bar called Alchemy and I will occasionally stop and get a smoothie on the way to work in the mornings. I will often have them add a scoop of oats in order to boost the fiber content. Plus, I have a go-to salad in the cafeteria at work that I can keep re-adding on the Lose It app as my normal lunch… it is less than 200 calories! I am also far more aware of nutritional information than ever before.

The results over 90 days have been really positive. I have lost around 48 pounds. I have zero acid reflux and used to get it all the time. I have shrank so much that my clothes will barely stay on. People continually give me great feedback and I am starting to actually see my own size difference. Plus, I have gotten very muscular in my legs, thighs and butt. So lots of progress.

The down side of my progress… first, my daily calorie intake has decreased. I am sore more often because I keep pushing myself harder and harder. Sometimes I am annoying as I try to log all foods and talk a lot about diet and exercise. Plus, my rate of weight loss continues to slow based on my new size. I would prefer to be able to keep up the original pace and get myself down faster, but that wouldn’t be healthy.

My next step with this blog is to get myself into a regular cadence of posting. I think a weekly post should be sufficient barring any unique events. But, you can expect that any big milestones will be posted in near real time! Plus, when I hit that 50 pounds lost mark, you can bet you will know it.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked/run: 33.54 miles
Total calories burnt: 28,814
Total calories consumed: 14,929
Weight change: 1.8 pounds lost

Week 12: Plateau broken and more running

I have added more running into my walking and I feel my endurance climbing. Hopefully this means I am on my way to increasing my distance. I really would like to get to the point where I can run a 5K at some point. I can’t believe I actually wrote that! I never thought I would say those words. Similarly, I think I want to take a yoga class… more words I never thought I’d say!

On another positive note, I have broken through my plateau and I am officially under 280. Hopefully that means in am only 2-3 days away from 275 – my 50 pound mark.

This week was my return to the doctor to check in on the progress with my blood pressure. My first reading was too high, then we tested again and it was perfect. It became even more clear that stress causes my blood pressure to shoot up. That is very unfortunate! But, when the doctor reviewed my weight over the past 80 days, he was really impressed.

One other thing of note happened in the past week. Yes, my clothes continue to get baggy on me and have started looking terrible. I need to fix this for sure. But, one thing I didn’t anticipate was how my ring finger has gotten smaller. I am starting to have issues with my wedding ring being too small. How is that possible?

Next post will be my 90-day mark.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked/run: 30.08 miles
Total calories burnt: 27,761
Total calories consumed: 13,629
Weight change: 2.1 pounds lost

Week 11: OMG, I ran!

As somebody who has lived their entire life overweight, there are certain things I thought I would never decide to do as an activity. A big one of the things that I thought was out of my reach was running. I know tons of people who do this, but it was not for me.

But, I am happy to report that I ran for the first time. I ran a total of about 25 feet during my walk. But, hey, that is something, right?!

My goal is to ramp up running slowly in order to push up the intensity of exercise to make it more effective. Plus, I can force my heart rate up to also make the calorie burn higher. Maybe that will help break free from my plateau.

Running goals: be able to alternate walk/run per leg of Schiller park that I walk around and then be able to run one full lap. But for now, more than 25 feet per 2 miles of walking.