Week 10: Discouraging moment: clothes shopping

Today after work (it was a half day), I decided it was time to go shopping for some clothes that will fit my transitional body better. I started with Old Navy, and they don’t go up to my size at all. Then, I went to a big & tall store, and smaller sizes didn’t fit. Probably related to different styles from the same brand. But, in all, I bought nothing and walked away feeling my less than successful.

Instead of going home on feeling sorry for myself, I decided to go workout instead. I parked my car at the Grange Audubon park and hopped on the Scioto Trail. I then walked from there all the way through and past downtown before turning around. On the way back, I got quite the thigh cramp, so I stopped at one of our favorite bars along the path. This was my longest walk yet at 4.25 miles and the view was great.

So, I don’t fit in clothes from a normal store yet. Oh well, it is coming!

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked: 32.82 miles
Total calories burnt: 29,370
Total calories consumed: 12,031
Weight change: 5.4 pounds lost

Week 8: Exercise: too much of a good thing?

On Friday morning after vacation, I skipped working out in the morning. I was having some knee pain and had an early morning meeting with my boss. Couple this with a happy hour after work with a coworker and you have the potential for disaster from a weight loss perspective. It turns out that I actually created a problem of a different type.

After finishing a quick happy hour, I realized my wife wasn’t going to be home from her hair appointment for about 90 minutes or longer. So, I decided that my Friday night activity would be to head out for a long, high impact walk. I ended up going to a high speed, 3 mile, sweaty walk in 80-degree weather. Then, I got up early on Saturday morning and did the same thing. But, a total of 6 miles on Saturday between exercise and general walking through the activities of the day.

So, how is this a negative thing: shin splints again. This time on the other leg. Guess I will have to take a couple of days off of the exercise routine… again.

More bad news: even with the extra working out, I didn’t lose any weight. From August 2 through August 6, I was at 291 pounds. Then, today, I actually went up a pound. Very discouraging!

On a related topic, my clothes are way too big on me. My pants are falling down so I have had to cinch my belt tighter so they just look baggy. Plus, my shirts are pretty big on me. But, I am not done yet. So, when should I buy new clothes? I hate to just waste the money.

Last week’s stats:
Distance walked: 37.73 miles
Total calories burnt: 30,862
Total calories consumed: 13,708
Weight change: 3.5 pounds lost