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Sometimes fear forces smart decisions

The week of June 4, 2017 was a scary week for my health and was a turning point for me. At risk of getting whistled for a TMI foul, I will share a high level summary.

First, my uvula (the fleshy spot in the back of your throat) was swollen to 3-4 times its normal size. This was the fourth time in 2 years that I experienced this issue. It is uncomfortable and pretty painful when eating or drinking anything. The cause of this, at least for me, is the combination of acid reflux and snoring. Both are significantly increased when I have drank too much.

As if the uvula wasn’t enough, I was also starting to experience digestive problems that lasted multiple days. This was very unlike me and was pretty scary. I did lots of research online (terrible decision!) and got even more concerned. But, I deduced that the likely causes were stress, no exercise, high alcohol intake or cancer in every part of my body.

My research on my digestive issues got me to start researching my alcohol consumption. I learned that I was in the category of high risk alcohol consumption, more good news for my health.

With all of this looming over me (plus another high stress week), I did something I have only done one other time in my adult life (in 2000)… I made an appointment with a doctor. Yep, 17 years, no doctor visit. And, I am on the board of a nonprofit medical center and should be a client of the center already. But, I have a touch of white coat syndrome and have avoided doctors. I have also been afraid that I would find out that there is a serious problem somewhere and decided that avoidance was better. But, I did it; I made an appointment for 6/15/2017.

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